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Radio Frequency (RF) propagation analysis tool designed for military applications.

ACE-HF Network

Designed for analyzing large scale HF Networks.  ACE-HF Network is capable of analyzing multiple Point to Point Circuits to determine optimum frequency, expected Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF), area coverage predication maps between any two points worldwide.  Also, the Enhanced Version of Network utilizes an animated Area Coverage mapping presentation that displays an accurate representation of the area coverage predictions for the Point-to-Point circuit you have created.  This animated presentation will show the frequency or frequencies desired over the selected period of time chosen using the Smooth Sunspot Number desired.  This animated area coverage display will show and demonstrate how any of the above changes will affect the effectiveness of your circuit and its area coverage.  Capable of analyzing ALE or Point to Point Reliability Predictions, power requirements, and field strength requirements needed to establish efficient circuits ACE-HF Network is the premiere propagation modeling tool.  Capable of simulating a specific circuit or network configurations which provides critical mission planning information to give users maximum system utilization.  Antenna analysis allows users to maximize system effectiveness by determining optimum antenna selection and performance for the operating power necessary to achieve active circuits or networks.  Network also includes a 1 year warranty and support agreement.  The agreement is renewable and provides all active support customers with free bug fixes and new software revisions as they are release.


NEW ACE-HF Network Home Page

Includes an easy-to-use Navigation Tree, which you have the ability to minimize via the arrow button giving you a full screen view of the two Quick Launch Buttons that will direct you to creating your Point-to-Point Circuit or you Network Circuits.


Point-to-Point Scenario Screen

Consists of two points, each having one Transmitter, one Receiver antenna and the System Parameters for the circuit.


Receiver Site Location and Antenna Setup

There are multiple Location categories to choose from including US, World, US Military, World Military, HFCC, DXCC and/or User locations. An improved antenna selection capability permits the User to specify and select an unlimited number of antenna models based on manufacturer, model number, wavelength, height, ground quality and frequency.


System Parameters Channel Frequencies

This configures the frequencies the system will analyze and will be the basis for the calculations represented for all the charts utilized by the User.


Area Coverage Map Color

Visibly shows the Radiation pattern from the Transmitter Site Location for the specific time-of-day and Frequencies.


Circuit Analysis Best Frequency

A bar graph charting SNR where the values are interpolated to five-minute intervals.


Circuit Analysis Max Usable Frequency

Updates automatically whenever a circuit change is made and gives Maximum Usable Frequency predictions vs. time-of-day.


Network Terminal A Location Setup

The purpose of the Terminal A Overview Screen is to configure the location, transmitter, receiver and scenario type for the Network.


Network Frequency Management & Situational Awareness Map

Main Screen of Network Frequency Management where it allows the User to easily switch from chart to chart using the top row Situational Awareness Map button.


Circuit Chart

This chart shows a table of circuit predictions vs. frequency. Each display is for a selected hour.


Circuit Dwell Time Chart

This table is used to create best frequency plans for each circuit using the same predictions in a time-of-day vs. frequency format one circuit at a time.

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