Long Wave Teams with Northrop Grumman Corporation, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works ®, Raytheon Intelligence & Space and Crescent Systems, Inc. to Pursue the U.S. Navy’s E-XX TACAMO Program

Long Wave, Inc. (“Long Wave”)is pleased to announce that Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) is partnering with Lockheed Martin Skunk Works ®, Raytheon Intelligence & Space, Crescent Systems, Inc. and Long Wave to develop a solution for the US Navy’s E-XX TACAMO requirement.  The E-XX will be a competitively bid contract with an expected award date in early 2025

The Navy’s E-XX TACAMO aircraft will be based on the C-130J platform, and provides connectivity between the National Command Authority and ballistic submarines capable of delivering nuclear weapons. The Navy currently operates a fleet of E-6B Mercury aircraft to provide survivable, reliable and endurable airborne command, control and communications between the National Command Authority and U.S. strategic and non-strategic forces. The Navy intends to replace the E-6B fleet with the E-XX to modernize this critical strategic deterrent mission.  

“Long Wave is appreciative and enthusiastic for being included in such a world class team,” states Tom Conroe, Long Wave’s Vice President who is heading up its EXX efforts and continues,” Long Wave’s value proposition is based on our affinity for the TACAMO Fleet Sailor.  Over 25% of our company has TACAMO mission experience and the other 75% knows how to engineer, install, maintain, and train systems used by the sailors to conduct the mission.”

Long Wave, an Oklahoma City-headquartered federal government focused engineering and services company, company specializes in engineering, tower and antenna installation and maintenance, software development, hardware installation, facility operations, simulation, and training as well as program management services.

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