With the world becoming more interconnected through daily advancements in technology, cybercrime has become the most significant problem that companies face worldwide.


All businesses face daily threats from hackers that will lead to data breaches and compliance issues. Additionally, as companies become more reliant on modern technology, they become more vulnerable to cyber attacks such as brute force attacks, social engineering, cyber fraud, phishing attacks, malware, spyware, ransomware and corporate security breaches.


As technology changes, so do the adversaries. With years of cybersecurity experience, cutting-edge products, accreditation services, and documentation support, Long Wave’s Cyber Security Information Systems Support (CSISS) Division have the in-depth technical and analytical solutions to eliminate cyber-threats. Long Wave provides a wide range of cybersecurity products suited to the unique needs of the DoD and commercial businesses. Long Wave’s capabilities include cybersecurity requirements definition and solution design, information security documentation processes, mitigation analysis and contingency planning, cybersecurity maintenance, penetration testing, risk and vulnerability assessments, system security plans, and process documentation while strictly adhering to all Department of Defense, NIST, ISO, and RMF guidelines.


Long Wave is committed to being the leading provider of cyber services and products. Long Wave understands that delivering long-term value to the Department of Defense and private industry is based on exceeding clients key mission requirements. As a company, Long Wave aims to produce a secure, economical, efficient, durable, and flexible product that benefits both Long Wave and our customers.


Long Wave is committed to excellence in cybersecurity risk management. Today, Long Wave provides a wide range of cybersecurity capabilities designed to meet the always changing needs of the critical cyber terrain. These capabilities include:

  • Cybersecurity requirements, definitions, and solution design
  • Information security documentation via NIST and RMF processes and documentation
  • Security monitoring, incident response, mitigation analysis and contingency planning
  • Assistance with packet capture, situational awareness, and training
  • Cybersecurity maintenance, including penetration testing and risk and vulnerability assessments
  • RMF accreditation, which includes System Security Plan(s) and process documentation
  • Identification and assessment of risks regarding their consequences for the business
  • Establishment of secure communication lines with stakeholders to inform them about identified risks
  • Education of stakeholders regarding risks to the organization and actions being taken to mitigate them


Today, organizations struggle to maintain critical safeguards needed to protect business data and personally identifiable information. Inconsistencies in security measures are attributable to the knowledge of information systems and threats, variations in available security products, support tools, and personnel, and administration and delivery mechanisms. Long Wave uses a proven methodology to scan, analyze, test, automate, execute, and train businesses in cyber awareness while protecting all IT services and critical business data.