Training and Simulation

WST straight onLong Wave has the experts in instructional systems design (ISD) and curriculum development who can build custom training from the ground up.  Our goal is to always close performance gaps, ensure your organization’s success and do it all on time and within budget.

Long Wave provides quality deliverables through the use of solid and accepted instructional design models including:

  • Project management
  • Front end analysis (FEA)
  • Instructional design
  • Course development
  • Training delivery
  • Learning evaluation

We can provide curriculum to be delivered through a variety of methods including instructor led training (ILT) and eLearning (CBT/WBT).

With our eLearning authoring capabilities, we can design and deliver interactive content up to, and including, Level Three products. Understanding your students retention and comprehension is accomplished via a comprehensive assessment developed internal to the project or as an additional deliverable. Our training products are fully SCORM, AICC and Tin Can API 1.0 conformant. We can publish to HTML 5, Flash or a mobile player for Android or Apple devices.

 Case Study:  We developed the AN/UYC-16 (NOVA) curriculum based on system documentation and requirements provided by the Navy. Our Mobile Training Team then provided the instruction on site at each NOVA location. We delivered Trainee Guides, Lesson Plans and a high quality visual presentation. Our development process included working with subject matter experts (SMEs) as well as sending our team to each of the four NovaTraining installations to interface with watch standers. This allowed us to gain a better understanding of actual customer usage of the Nova System thus making our training realistic and effective.

Our curriculum development team and subject matter experts all have military experience and have all held leadership positions. We are able to understand complex DoD systems and the operational requirements imposed on today’s military operators. In addition to providing superior training products, we have a Mobile Training Team on hand, consisting of military Master Training Specialists (MTSs) with ashore, afloat, undersea and airborne experience, ready to come to you to provide instruction to your organization.

Modeling and Simulation

To help promote and facilitate interoperability between DoD systems, a High Level Architecture (HLA) was established. This DoD initiative has since been standardized for use across a multitude of industries as IEEE Standard 1516. HLA has thrived in due to its less complicated interface for creating training, simulation, and modeling solutions. Long Wave has the experience and expertise creating software solutions that interface with an HLA Run Time Infrastructures (RTI). We can adapt your current software products to work IAW IEEE 1516-2010.

Long Wave’s product, T-RECS, comes with an IEEE1516-2010 software layer to participate as a federate with a larger training, simulation, or modeling federation.

Curriculum Development and Mission Training

Long Wave has the experts in instructional systems design (ISD) and curriculum development to build your training from the ground up. Our team understands Job Duty Task Analysis, Skills Hierarchy and Job Qualification Requirements. We can take your requirements and review your system documentation to develop the training you need to get your team up to speed. Our curriculum development team and subject matter experts understand complex DOD communication system and the operational requirements imposed on today’s military operators.

Once developed, our Mobile Training Team can provide you the instructor led course on site. At Long Wave we provide the professionals you need with the background and experience to ensure your success. We have been in the field and we have stood the watch. Our team consist of cadre of Master Training Specialist and experienced operational watchstanders, with experience afloat, ashore, under seas and airborne both navy and joint.