Antenna Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Long Wave Inc. is recognized as a world-class installer and maintainer of Towers and Antennas of all frequency ranges around the world. Our program managers, engineers, superintendents, and technicians possess years of experience and stand ready to Maintain, Repair and Replace, or install Turn-Key communications sites and antenna fields. From installation of industry leading grounding systems to the outstanding final report of base-line antenna system operations, Long Wave will deliver the quality our customers demand while giving our customer’s on-line mission the respect it demands. Long Wave is 100% OSHA compliant and experts at meeting our customer’s needs. Our teams are experience with both the commercial industries best practices as well as government requirements for quality control, safety and environmental compliance.

We have the experience and manpower to install and repair towers of all shapes and heights. Our experienced teams beaconensure foundations are poured to exact ASTM specifications of design engineers and expert civil workers ensure curing standards adherence. Our climbers are 100% third-party trained and work safely and professionally to install the customer’s tower on time and within budget.

For over 20 years Long Wave Inc. has provided engineering, technical, and programmatic services in support of the submarine strategic shore based VLF/LF/HF communication facilities and equipment. Long Wave has been involved in a full range of VLF/LF engineering support projects to include: post deployment product support of systems such as high-powered transmitters, helix enclosures, antennas, and towers. Our team of engineers, SMEs, technicians and field support personnel provides support to the Navy’s entire high-powered VLF/LF Fixed Submarine Broadcast System (FSBS) transmitting systems/equipment and associated antenna systems located throughout the world. Our experience includes a broad range of products and services ranging from full tower maintenance on some of the tallest towers in the world to bushing and lighting system replacement which includes design, development, installation and repair.

Long Wave takes our climbing mission very seriously and follows OSHA guidance to the letter.

Turn-Key Site Development

From the site survey, LWI handles permits/zoning, utilities coordination, road surveying and installation, fencing, trenching and geotechnical engineering. During the installation, our team of experts installs industry standard grounding/lightening protection systems, communications buildings, transmission lines, towers and antennas to your specifications.

Project Management

LWI Project Management team implements a Customer-Focused process that starts with the customer’s needs and ends with the customer’s satisfaction. Our engineers, project managers, and support staff continually coordinate with the customer every step to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Our CMMI/ISSO 9001:2008 approved processes are closely followed to guarantee critical control and compliance. 100% customer satisfaction is our only goal.

  • 076 1250xalot
  • 40ft RTR  Tower Corpus Christi Airport 1250x730
  • 80 Ft Tower St Louis 2
  • Nebraska Crew1250x702
  • 8 4 16 Top Sheave S12
  • LWI Installed Tower And Antennas Frank At Langely P1000017 1250
  • Department Of Defense   100' Self Supporting Tower Painting And Repairs
  • LWI Installed Tower And Antennas David G At Langely AFB DSC 1426 1250
  • 7 8 16 New Halyard On Winch Drum
  • Looking Down1250x937
  • IMG 09241250x592
  • 20140910 085939 Richtone(HDR)1250x952
  • 0811250x2222
  • 7 22 16   New S6 Halyard Pinned
  • Department Of Defense Tower   145 Monopole Painting And Repairs
  • Department Of Defense   380' Guyed Tower Painting And Repairs
  • Department Of Defense   140' Free Standing Tower Painting And Repairs 1250
  • 8 2 16 Crane And New Halyard

Tower Inspection

  • Individual site and tower inspections
    • Ground-based
    • Climbed


  • Civil Work
    • Terrain Preparation
    • Foundations
  • Iron Work
    • Tower Assembly
    • Tower Erection
  • Coaxial Cable Installation
    • Laying Coaxial Cable
    • Experience with both Air-Dielectric and Foam Filled types in varying sizes
    • Connecting Coax Cable to operating equipment and respective Matrixes within control buildings
  • GBSLP Installation
    • GBSLP installation specific to antenna
    • GBSLP installation inside facilities to protect operating equipment
    • GBSLP to provide Lightening Protection to personnel and equipment


  • Replacement of tower bracings
  • Replacement of guy wires
  • Repair/replacement of antenna arrays
  • Repair/replacement of motors and other electrical operations
  • Repair/replacement of GBSLP at the antenna and inside facilities
  • Repair/replacement of damaged Coax Cable


  • Replacement of missing hardware
  • Treatment of corrosion areas—technical term is Corrosion Control and Weatherization
  • Correction of antenna verticality
  • Guy wire tensioning
  • Maintenance of proper ground connections
  • Maintenance of Coaxial Cable lines inside control facilities as well as buried
  • Confirmation of antenna functionality


  • Installation of GBSLP on existing antennas
  • Implementation of grounding schemes that meet industry standards
  • Installation of lightning protection on facilities
  • Proper shielding of all cables