Systems Stimulator

The Long Wave Stimulator is a mission rehearsal / testing stimulator that can completely emulate a communications suite. The Long Wave Stimulator provides integrated voice and data communications into two physically separated security compartments. The Stimulator provides initial operator training, proficiency training, mission rehearsal training, and systems testing capabilities.

System StimulatorLong Wave has provided the United States Navy with the technology that enhanced the capabilities of the E-6B Trainers and Integration Laboratories. With the use of the
T-RECS, Long Wave modified a partial maintenance trainer to incorporate interactive multi-task communication system emulation. This enhanced capability enables first time Mission Specialist trainees to experience the mission environment before flying a real mission. Long Wave’s involvement in the MAS Trainer project provides a realistic environment for crew familiarization; providing the military community with superior training and preparation for future flight missions.

Long Wave’s Stimulator has High Level Architecture (HLA) capabilities in accordance with IEEE 1516-2010. Contact us for information on the incorporation of your federate object model requirements.

System Stimulator Capabilities

DoD formatted messaging circuit emulation provided by T-RECS. Each T-RECS is capable of 16 channels and several T-RECS can be daisy-chained together to create greater numbers of circuit capability. See our T-RECS product page for more information on options and features.
Scripted scenarios. Whether specific training requirements need specific volume of traffic, the Stimulator is capable of meeting your needs.
Auto reporting of messaging done during the training or testing session. It compares the incoming and outgoing messages to aid in quicker data analysis.
Integrated analog and digital voice communications
Data patch panels and systems switching matrix. If you have several different systems needing the resources of others, the systems switching matrix can provide you the capabilities to connect systems together when they are needed without physically moving connectors or equipment bays.
Other aircraft or vehicle bus data. The Stimulator can help in the emulation of MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, and other standard bus devices. Software in the Stimulator aids in the quick programming of simulation and testing requirements.