Clarinet Merlin Receiving System (CMRS)

Clarinet Merlin Receiving System (CMRS) is a shore based communications system that continuously monitors emergency transmissions from buoys launched from U.S. Navy submarines. The Long Wave specially designed digital signal processor (DSP) decoding unit is the nucleus of this improved communications system. Long Wave’s Clarinet Merlin Receiving System is designed with a high degree of equipment redundancy and innovative automation features. Each cmrs-Nate_600x400unmanned receiver site has software and hardware which automatically performs equipment self-tests at regular intervals.

In the event of a failure, the software automatically isolates the failed equipment, places the backup component in service, and then notifies the remote operator of the equipment failure. Long Wave maintenance personnel are on 24-hour call to assist with any maintenance related issues. The CMRS system could be easily configured for aircraft applications.