C2 Dashboard

The Global Information Grid (GIG) is an all-encompassing United States Department of Defense communications project. It is defined as the globally interconnected, end-to-end set of information capabilities, associated processes and personnel for collecting, processing, storing, disseminating, and managing information, on demand, to warfighters, policymakers and support personnel. The GIG includes all owned and leased communications and computing systems and services, software (including applications), system data, security services and other associated services necessary to achieve information superiority for the United States military

Although the ultimate objective of the Global Information Grid has not yet been fully realized, computer-enabled communication between soldiers and commanders in the battlefield has been successful. This ability is considered an early GIG component. At the enterprise level, forging new paths that components of the military communicate in will ease logistics burdens, improve communication and combat effectiveness of the warfighter, decrease instances of confusion-related fratricide, accelerate the trend in minimizing collateral damage and hasten the flow of business.

For the warfighter, situational awareness would be improved tremendously by linking what he sees with what an overhead satellite sees. The fog of war would be lifted by seamless communication between unit members, offsite detection devices, and commanders operating behind the line.

Long Wave has developed one of the first uses of GIG information on a day to day basis by designing databases for operational and maintenance support for the Command and Control (C2) Dashboard.

The C2 Dashboard is a set of software components providing Wing and Squadron Commanders a single tool to capture what is planned and executed real-time. Its integrated database supports operations/maintenance readiness across multiple commands with a shared mission. With 24/7 web based access on the Navy’s SIPRNET, a single workstation can collect and display the same amount of data previously derived from multiple operator workstations.

The C2 Dashboard consists of multiple software components:

  • Web Scroll – Manages the flight scheduling process.
  • PMR Client – Desktop application that enables editing of the Post Mission Report (PMR) data offline and then synchronizes the data with the server.
  • PMR Search – Indexes and searches the PMR XML data
  • Mission Summary – Pulls the data from the Web Scroll and PMR database and allows it to annotate and create slides for presentations.