• Puerto Rico Inverted Cone (2) 700x525
  • 20140730 154651 (2)
  • 20140730 154651 (2)
  • 09 17 14 PR Transmit RLPA Final Fence Photo 1000x750
  • Ascension LWI Installed HFGCS  RLPA And HOBA 7876 1000x662
  • Ascension LWI Installed HFGCS RLPA At Night 700x476
  • Ascension LWI Installed HFGCS Antennas 7749 700x463
  • Dual Mode Spiral Ascension Island 700x525
  • Cross Mtn View LWI Installed HFGCS SPIRAL HOBA And RLPA Antennas At Ascension  700x540
  • Elmendorf 3005 04732560x1680 700x463
  • Elmendorf HFGCS APS Loop 1147 700x463
  • Ascension LWI Installed HFGCS  HOBA 7831 1000x662
  • Elmendorf HFGCS APS HOBA Mt McKinley 1129 700x463
  • Puerto Rico HFGCS CAR RLPAs 1197 700x542

High Frequency Communications

Long Wave is the world leader in High Frequency (HF) communication, engineering, installation, and repair.  Long Wave has installed more High Frequency antenna systems in more locations than any other company over the last 10 years.  No HF installation company can match Long Wave’s worldwide capabilityDixon PERS Tony - Dave Rigging 400x400, experience, or ability to operate in remote harsh conditions.  Long Wave’s logistic capability enables our teams to deploy rapidly and operate in any region of the world.

Our engineering staff is nationally recognized as experts in the HF community with one of our engineers who has six HF communication US Patents in their name.  Long Wave’s engineering team is comprised of the most experienced and skilled staff in the industry today.   Our engineers have extensive expertise in HF system engineering, HF antennas, HF theory, Radio Frequency Electro Magnetic Interference isolation and mitigation, complete spectrum circuit design (Very High Frequency – Super High Frequency), TV, and video circuit and system design, wireless network design, Design for Manufacturing / Design for Test (DFM/DFT), test development, propagation analysis, research, and development.

High Frequency – Engineering

LWI has a long history of providing smart and efficient engineering solutions to complex problems.  Our capabilities include design, development and manufacturing of test simulators, hardware training simulators, virtualized training simulators, messaging communication systems, HF broadcast receive systems and HF data modems.  We have strong engineering practices that produce smart engineering designs, repairs or preventive measures in an efficient and methodical and cost savings manner.

Long Wave is the industry leader in performing detailed propagation analysis using our proprietary ACE-HF software.  Our study included various locations, different antenna configurations/types, heights, and take off angles.  Our ACE-HF system has been modified specifically for HFGCS to perform propagation analysis on Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) systems, just like HFGCS.

Antenna_224x300High Frequency – Installation

Long Wave has constructed numerous tower and antenna compounds.   The construction of these compounds includes the installation of foundations, generators, fuel tanks, solar arrays and their frames, towers, FAA-STD-19e compliant grounding, electrical runs, and access roads to the compounds.  Because of varying soil conditions, drilling for the tower foundations can be necessary and may require slurring in some instances.  Many of these sites are in remote locations which provides a logistic challenge.  Long Wave is able to accommodate any challenges based upon our experience working in locations that may or may not be easily accessible.  Long Wave successfully provides infrastructure in support of any customer’s mission.

High Frequency – Repair

Long Wave is one of the most experienced and capable HF antenna system repair companies in the world today.  Our capabilities are unmatched as a result of our experienced tower crews and expert engineering team that has over 120 years of combined HF antenna system experience.  The LWI repair and maintenance capability provides asset owners the assurance that their systems will be available when needed.