Long Wave Inc. supports the HFGCS mission by providing the engineering, labor, parts and material for antenna systems inspections, installation and maintenance, procurement of antennas, antenna parts, grounding, bonding, shielding and lightning protection (GBSLP), as well as electrical power evaluation.

Clarinet Merlin Receiving System (CMRS)

Long Wave Inc. provides all personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools and materials necessary to perform maintenance and support on six receiving sites, two Broadcast Control Authority (BCA) server sites, associated hardware/software of the CMRS, and Information Assurance Vulnerability Managements (IAVMs) alerts.

Engineering Services VLF/LF Transmitter and Antenna Support

Long Wave Inc. provides extensive engineering analysis in support of development, testing, and implementation related to the ashore FSBS architecture.

WST and STIM Support

Long Wave Inc. provides all labor, materials, consumables, equipment, tools, test equipment, and transportation necessary to operate and maintain the training systems and equipment in full operational conditions for FTSS COMS.

Engineering Services for VLF Towers

Long Wave Inc. provides engineering and construction services for large specialized antennas, towers, and communications facilities for the Navy and Marine Corps world-wide.


Long Wave Inc. provides SCW-1 with contract support and technical services for assigned missions, functions and tasks.

ACTS Curriculum R&M

Long Wave Inc. is part of a team that provides support for the E-6B communities, and associated Weapons and Tactics Unit (WTU) in managing tactical web-based training products that provides standardized training for aircrew in a classified environment that needs to be distributed to fleet squadrons worldwide via SHARP LMS.

Technical Support Services Contract IV

Long Wave Inc. is part of a team working to provide technical support services to modernize aviation facilities, including the new RVSS tower compounds, supporting the National Air Space System.


Long Wave Inc. is part of a team providing rapid reaction response capabilities in development, engineering, analysis, integration and deployment of air systems and other technologies for AIR 4.5

Code 40 - AMTCS/CBTSI Fleet and Help Desk Support

Long Wave is part of a team in support of the Code 40 which is the In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) at NUWC Division Keyport. We support NUWCDIVKPT in coordination with NAVAIR to provide expert user support to software development teams, managers and decision-makers. Our on-site experts support various programs such as Aviation Maintenance Training Continuum System (AMTCS) and Computer Based Training System Initiative (CBTSI) Program. Long Wave’s Senior Training Experts are positioned at forward locations and are supported by the Long Wave NW office which is located close to the actual customer in Keyport, WA.

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