• Strat Comm
    Striving to be the best Strategic Communications
    Small Business in America is our #1 goal.
    Our experienced engineers and retired military
    personnel are leading experts in their fields.
  • ACE
    ACE-HF Propagation software is used for government
    and commercial HF network communications operators to aid
    in visually displaying both transmissions and reception
    area coverage on maps of the world. LWI teams are always working
    to update these products to keep it to our customers expectations.
  • Mobile T-RECS
    LWI created T-RECS products for various
    data communication systems in Military
    installations. We have developed and/or
    maintained many other communications
    products as well.
  • Nebraska Crew800x300
    We are always in need of experienced,
    professional and driven individuals to help
    Long Wave grow better everyday. We have
    corporate and field positions for every skill level.
  • Anniversary Group 800x308 Flipped
    Long Wave Inc. recently celebrated
    20 great years in business as part
    of OKC growth and military excellence.